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Name:Optimus/Starscream LJ comm backup
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PrimeStar Prime Directives:

The More You Know

This community is made for Starscream/Optimus Prime fans! For a pairing that's called too common to be rare, there's a distinct lack of enough delicious material for it! Therefore this comm is for people to share their work, ideas and speculations amongst people who share your fabulous tastes.

1) The main pairing of any fanworks posted must be Optimus/Starscream. (Alternatively, Orion Pax or Optronix, if you want to consider them separate characters from Optimus.) There can be more characters involved, such as in love triangles, but we ask that the main focus be on Starscream and Optimus.
2) If you are posting something that you think may upset someone viewing it, please post trigger warnings. For example, swearing doesn't require a warning, but violence and non-con do.
3) No roleplay logs. If you want to post your Transformers rp logs, do so over at rp_datapad.
4) Put fics, videos or pics under a cut. You could probably get away with posting one piece of fanart outside of the cut, but please be considerate to the rest of the comm. A preview crop or summary is encouraged!

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